Wise Owl English Summer School
Ages 9 to 17·United Kingdom·25 hours of English lessons per week·£700 per week

Accommodation and Meals


Students are accommodated in our friendly, welcoming boarding house located on the school campus. Professional staff look after students in the mornings and evenings and remain available throughout the night.

Boys and girls are accommodated in separate areas of the boarding house and use separate bathroom facilities. Children sleep in bright, airy, well-appointed dormitories. Rooms are generally organised by age and are usually mixed nationality.

Rooms are cleaned regularly, though students are required to maintain an acceptable level of tidiness and hygiene. Fresh bedding is provided at the end of each week, however, students are required to bring their own towels. A laundry service is provided, clothes will be washed for the students.


There is a wide range of excellent food available three times each day in the school dining rooms. Juice and fruit are available in morning and afternoon breaks. On excursion days students eat breakfast and supper at the school and are provided with packed lunch for the outing. The cost of all meals and snacks is included in course fees.

A vegetarian option is available with every meal. Other dietary requirements, such as halal and kosher foods, can be catered for upon request. The school kitchens cater for most food intolerances, including nut allergies, fish allergies, shellfish allergies, wheat intolerance, gluten intolerance, egg intolerance and lactose intolerance. Please ensure your include dietary requirements on your child’s application form.


The supervision of children attending Wise Owl English Summer School is paramount and always the first consideration in all activities. Staff are present all day, every day and at all lessons, activities, excursions and free-time to ensure the safety of students.

Accredited by the British Accreditation Council