Wise Owl English Summer School
De 9 à 17 ans·Royaume-Uni·25 heures de leçons d’anglais par semaine·700 £ par semaine

École d’été

La certification School Rules Provision for Students with Disabilities

Certification de l’école d’été

Wise Owl English Language Limited est certifiée par le Conseil britannique de certification pour les organisateurs de formations complémentaires et d’éducation supérieure à court terme (British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education as a Short Course Provider). La certification s’applique aux cours dispensés au RU uniquement.

Choisir une institution certifiée fournit aux élèves et à leurs familles l’assurance que l’offre répond aux normes prévues aux termes du Guide de certification du Conseil britannique de certification (British Accreditation Council Accreditation Handbook).

Si les normes publiées ne sont pas respectées, les élèves sont en mesure de demander réparation à travers une procédure de réclamation adressée au Conseil britannique de certification (British Accreditation Council complaints procedure).

British Accreditation Council Full Inspection Report (2017)

British Accreditation Council Interim Inspection Report (2019)

The British Accreditation Council
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United Kingdom
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Summer School Rules

School Ethos, Rewards and Sanctions

Wise Owl English Ethos:


This is what we want all our students to do and how we want them to feel.

When we see students showing this behaviour, we want to reward them, so we give them an OWL award. When you receive an OWL award, stick it into your exercise book, so your parents can see when you go home!

school rewards

If students do not follow the school rules, we show them a yellow card. If a student continues to misbehave in the same session, we show them a red card and they are excluded from the session. If a student is shown a red card, they have to see the course manager and are given a sanction.

school sanctions

Students receive points for OWL awards and lose point for yellow and red cards. At the end of every week, the class with the most points wins a prize. The individuals with the most points each week (a boy and a girl) also win a prize!


The list below outlines specific instances of behaviour which are considered unacceptable at summer school. The list is not exhaustive:

  • Bully or tease anyone in any way.
  • Display intimidating behaviour or aggression to anyone in any way.
  • Be rude to anyone or uncooperative in any way in English classes, activities, excursions, meal times, free time or the boarding house.
  • Cause damage to or steal private or public property.
  • Interfere with ICT software or hardware, fire alarms or other school security or safety features and/or systems.
  • Take any action which endangers at any level and in any way their or any other person’s physical or mental wellbeing.
  • Swear (in any language), lie or take part in potentially dangerous activities on any level.
  • Use, buy, sell or have possession of any illegal substances.

Provision for Students with Disabilities

Wise Owl English is committed to ensuring that students with disabilities are able to participate in the summer programme. Specific requirements and possible provision are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Wheelchair accessible areas of the school include: entrance hall, theatre / assembly room, one classroom, dining room, toilets and most of the school grounds. Due to the protected status of the school building, it is not practical to make some areas wheelchair accessible, such as student accommodation, showers and the rest of the classrooms. Wheelchair users are thus able to participate in the summer programme as day students, rather than boarding students.


Accredited by the British Accreditation Council