Wise Owl English Summer School
De 9 à 17 ans·Royaume-Uni·25 heures de leçons d’anglais par semaine·700 £ par semaine


Summer Vacancies

Currently unavailable.

Employee Selection Process – New Applicants

  • Applications for employment should be submitted electronically via the link below.
  • We will review your application and inform you whether it is shortlisted.
  • Please note that CVs / blanket job seeking will not be considered.
Initial interview:
  • We will arrange an initial interview by telephone or Skype/WhatsApp/similar to assess your suitability and aptitude for the role.
  • We will take up your references.
  • Your current or previous employers will be contacted as part of the pre-appointment checks.
  • We will inform you whether we would like to invite you to a follow-up interview.
Follow-up interview:
  • We will arrange a follow-up interview in person to assess your suitability for the school.
  • We will need to see originals and take copies of your identity documents and qualification certificates when we meet you.
  • We will ask you to check and sign a hard copy of your electronic employment application form.
  • Any discrepancies or anomalies in the information provided, or issues arising from references, will be taken up at interview.
  • We will inform you whether you were selected for the position.
If you are selected:
  • We will arrange for you to complete an enhanced DBS check. If you are registered for DBS Update Service and hold an Enhanced DBS Certificate, we may use the DBS Update Service instead.
  • If you have lived and/or worked outside the UK for any period, you will need to provide us with a criminal record check from each country you have lived/worked in, covering the duration of the period you were there.
  • We will issue your fixed-term employment contract upon satisfactory completion of the above.

A shorter process is followed for returning staff.

Employment Application Form

To apply for a vacancy, please complete the employment application form:

Employment Application Form

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